Jodie Locklear

M.C. Twinklin’s – UX Design & Web Development

Completed website is live and ready to view —->

I recently had the opportunity to do a complete website redesign for M.C. Twinklin’s, Atlanta’s largest retailer of Christmas trees and holiday decorations. Their current website was looking outdated and wasn’t conveying the company, or it’s services as well as it could.

This was a highly enjoyable and fun project. It allowed me to exercise my UX design skills as well as stretch my visual design “legs”. I provided the visual design, UX design, and front-end-development for the project.

From our first coUX sortingnversation, I understood that the client wanted to include a lot more content and information about their store and services on the new website, as well as take advantage of social marketing.

During our first meeting, I led them in a card-sorting type brainstorming session where we mapped out the sections, pages, and information hierarchy of the new website.

The client relayed a few design requirements during this first meeting: the store hours, phone, and address had to be down the side on the left (always showing), they wanted the logo top right – with the navigation across the top under it, and they wanted it to be lime green.

I took this information and did some quick sketches to start. I then turned my sketches into preliminary wire-frames. In our next meeting, I presented two user interface options; one very traditional (like they requested), and the other – just a little more modern.

They settled on the traditional layout. From there I created wire-frames to serve as a guide for myself and for the client, who supplied all the content for the website. I then got to work building the sites pages and creating the visual design elements. The new site will go live the weekend of Sept. 15th!



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