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HCI – CubeCal Mobile App

need finding observation photo

Need Finding Observation

I took a 6 week HCI course where the coursework consisted of designing a UX project from start to finish. The project began with conducting a need finding study then progressed through story boarding, rapid prototyping, creating a finished mock-up, and usability testing at the end.

The project started with selecting an activity to observe, performing a need finding observation of three people performing the activity, documenting the observation, and summarizing my findings. I observed the activity of people managing their time and schedule. From there, I developed a list of needs that the app should address.

I used the list of needs to develop a high level point-of-view for the project and used that point-of-view to create storyboards representing a couple ways a user could interact with the app.

story board example

Story Board Example

I had a few people look over the storyboards and give me feedback on the which they found easiest to use. From there, I iterated, sketched, and ultimately created two rapid electronic prototypes of two different UI interface options, using tool Balsamiq. I then performed a heuristic evaluation on both prototypes to decide which one to implement.

Once the prototype was chosen, I wrote an implementation plan, using Excel to document the steps needed to create the interactive application of my prototype. With my timeline in place, I built a working/functional mock-up of my app using the Justinmind prototyping tool.

Once my prototype was finished, I designed and performed an A/B user study and prepared a summary of my findings which included a list of all the changes I would implement if  I were to complete a full re-design of my app.

Click here to view one of the clickable protoypes I created for the course – HCIClassprototypetwo

iphone prototype example

iPhone Prototype Example



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