Jodie Locklear

10 Cool Things I’ve Learned in 2 Weeks!

Okay. First off, this list could be a lot longer than 10!

In the past two weeks a couple of big things have happened that have confirmed that I’m not only on the right path, but that the field of UX is where I belong. The first big thing – I started an internship at Engauge in Atlanta on their UX team. The second big thing – I also started, what has turned out to be a rather intense, online HCI course offered through Stanford University. So what have I learned from these two experiences thus far?

1. How to conduct a need finding observation and interview.

2. How to do a keyword and phrase search for SEO.


Page from one of my storyboards for HCI course.

3. The process of using story boards to demonstrate user interface interactions.

4. That there can be a big difference in the way a web application renders on different browsers and the importance of checking validity on them all.

5. How to make an interactive electronic prototype using Balsamiq.

6. The differences between working for an agency and working for a single client/company.

7. How to perform a heuristic evaluation.

8. That choosing the right meta tags really does make a big difference in bringing users to your site.

9. When to do user testing versus heuristic evaluation.

10. That work can be fun and you can truly enjoy what you do.

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